There is no greater love

This is a precious truth. But it reminds me of a warning I heard long ago about taking this kind of love for granted. The person said, "Remember. God already loves you, warts and all.  But he loves you too much to allow you to stay that way!"  That's great food for thought, isn't it?

An “Aha!” Moment

HERE'S A QUICK THOT - I just had an, "Aha!" moment. You know, one of those brilliant flashes of insight that go off in your head. Where out of the blue you can "see" an explosion of light with a thought. (Gee, I wonder if that's where the term, "brilliant thought", or idea, comes from?!... Continue Reading →

Like the Knight said to Indy…

The other day I was thinking about how the world thinks about what we need to do to get the most out of life.  As some say, "You need to go for the gold!"  But are they right? Their thinking and reasoning can sure seem so at times.  But are they?  Many times their perspective... Continue Reading →

Born to be me!

Discover the one-of-a-kind person God designed you to be. Don't short-change yourself by settling to be a copy of what the world wants you to be. God made you to be special... and don't you forget it!

Sent by God, Rejected by Men

With Easter approaching, this morning my thoughts turned toward that Passover week which marked an unforgettable time in History.  God's own people were expecting a Messiah that would lead them as a Warrior King, to save them from their oppressive enemy, Rome.  Instead He did the unthinkable and came to them as a lowly teacher... Continue Reading →

New look at an old truth

We've heard the story of Easter so many times have we become blasé about it?  It can happen you know.  So here's a new look at its significance for us all. God lives outside the box of time. But out of love for us, over 2000 years ago He reached into time to make a... Continue Reading →

A prayer for victory

"Lord, give us...   Faith that remains firmly planted in You. Strength for when we feel weak. A Backbone to right wrongs. Compassion to care for those hurting. Graciousness in response to those who revile us. Wisdom to know what best to say and do. And Love that helps combat hate."

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