Like the Knight said to Indy…

The other day I was thinking about how the world thinks about what we need to do to get the most out of life.  As some say, “You need to go for the gold!”  But are they right? Their thinking and reasoning can sure seem so at times.  But are they?  Many times their perspective is very different from that of God’s, and what he says about it.   Take a look at these few….

The world tells us to be “smart”.
But God tells us to be wise.

The world tells us we need to take care of self first,
While God tells us we need to first die to self to live!

The world tells us how good it is to be independent.
But God tells us how good it is to depend on Him.

The world encourages us to “kick up your heels while you can, for tomorrow you die.”
While God encourages us to “seek Him while you can,” for you’re not promised a tomorrow.

The world pacifies us by telling us we deserve heaven.
But God shows us it’s only His loving Grace that gets us there.

The world likes to believe this life is all there is.
Yet God shows us how this life is a proving ground for where we will be in our eternal one.

So who do YOU believe?  The World… or God?  It’s critically important.  For like the Knight said to Indy, we must “Choose wisely.” 


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