Sent by God, Rejected by Men

With Easter approaching, this morning my thoughts turned toward that Passover week which marked an unforgettable time in History.  God’s own people were expecting a Messiah that would lead them as a Warrior King, to save them from their oppressive enemy, Rome.  Instead He did the unthinkable and came to them as a lowly teacher to save them from their oppressive selves.  They couldn’t accept their expectations were wrong, and rejected the one God sent to save them.

Those of us today tend to think, “How could they have been so foolish to reject the proof that surrounded The Christ!”  But aren’t we prone to do the same today?  We form an expectation that a “real” God would prove himself a certain way. And a loving one would save us from oppressive hardship and problems, but instead He tells us He can use them for our good, which will help us gain victory over our oppressive natures.  That goes against our base nature, and the way WE envision God… and so we too reject the Word He gave us.

As we enter Holy Week, which culminates with Easter, wouldn’t it be wonderful if folks around the world would be willing to lay aside our preconcived ideas about God and how He relates to us so we can take a fresh look at the amazing death and resurrection of Christ?   Because it is with joyful celebration we can confidently know that He is still “saving us from our oppresive selves,” even today.
Palm branches


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