New look at an old truth

We’ve heard the story of Easter so many times have we become blasé about it?  It can happen you know.  So here’s a new look at its significance for us all.

God lives outside the box of time. But out of love for us, over 2000 years ago He reached into time to make a way for us to escape the box so we could have an abundant life in relationship with Him. We now call call that amazing time, “Easter”.

We can find the story of this historical event told in the Gospel of Mark, in chapters 14-16.  Read it for yourself with fresh eyes of understanding.  God knew none of us would have the ability on our own to reach Him, so He reached down to us to send a way for us to do so. It came in the form of a man called “Jesus”, who culminated His mission at an amazing point in time that we now call, “Easter.”

This video also shares well how this miraculous time in history still changes lives today:

Happy Easter everyone!


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