Riddle: “How are vaccines and religion alike?”

Word pictures or analogies can be powerful tools. I still remember in my early years, hearing a speaker tell how “Some people have been exposed to just enough religion it keeps them from catching the real thing.” Even as a child I immediately knew what he was talking about. He was right too! Just like... Continue Reading →


“Handle with care”

"Life is short. Handle with care."  That is the thought that stayed with me this morning. And the more I thought about it, the more those six simple words contained! I started thinking how there's no doubt about it: my life, and your's is indeed short… especially when compared to how long humanity has been... Continue Reading →

You can’t extinguish it…

It's like no other... God's Light.  It's not like a candle light that you can snuff out on a whim.  It's more like the light of the sun, which always shines. I feel awed. Just think… you can never extinguish this Light.  You can hide it… deny it… block it… reject it… run away from... Continue Reading →

Living above the madness…

This morning while reading more about the steadily increasing horrific acts that stem from the fear and hatred that surrounds us these days, and the media's zeal for sensationalizing and capitalizing on it, I realized how we're slowly becoming desensitized to it.  Yes, it's a natural response, for our spirits can only take so much... Continue Reading →


I've recently been plagued by this thought about Political Correctness:  Do we fully realize what we're doing when we back off from speaking out against wrongs, or sharing God's perspective on things because we don't want to "offend" someone, or have others think poorly of us? When we do that, aren't we allowing our voices... Continue Reading →

A life-changing moment…

One of my greatest life-changing moments was when I became so broken physically, emotionally and spiritually, I couldn't even properly care for myself, let alone my own children and family. I was a basket case, totally useless to anyone or anything and had continued to be so for months. I was broken… and beginning to... Continue Reading →

Which would I be?

We all know our world is in turmoil. factions abound everywhere and we Christians have not been immune to its fallout.  People everywhere seem to be looking for someone who can help guide us all through this seemingly hopeless maze of turmoil all of mankind has been caught up in. Yes, we're all looking for... Continue Reading →

“If you look at the world, you’ll be distressed. If you look within, you’ll be depressed. But if you look at Christ, you’ll be at rest.”   Corrie Ten Boom

Embrace the real!

Just thinking today about how real Christianity works,.. the perverted kind doesn't. That's why we need to become students of the Bible; so we can be trained and able to spot and reject the fake and embrace the real! If you want, here's a reality check for you: How often do you open this book... Continue Reading →

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